Friday, July 31, 2009

In the Company of Artists

Evelyn Page, Portrait of Charles Brasch
University of Otago Library

The Charles Brasch progressive centennial feast continues with an exhibition opening at the Hocken Library tonight of an exhibition of works donated by the astonishingly generous arts patron Charles Brasch.

The party was as good as ever. The speeches, wine, socialising and hubbub were to be found downstairs at the restored former cheese factory, current home of the Hocken Collections. The presence of the great Ralph Hotere at the launch gave a really good feeling, and there were so many worthy conversations to be had, glass of wine in hand, that I was conflicted. Upstairs the old favourites waited. For those of us who live in Dunedin, over the years we've become familiar with many of the Brasch-donated pieces, and I'm sure there would be a rebellion if the Hocken didn't trot most of them out on a regular basis. Fortunately the gallery is quite generous with their showings.

It is so good to see of of my favourite paintings, McCahon's Blessed Virgin Compared again, in the flesh. And more, of course.

Charles Brasch: In the Company of Artists

1 Aug - 8 Oct 2009

An examination of Brasch’s influence over the artistic development of Evelyn Page, Toss Woollaston, Colin McCahon, Eric Lee Johnson and others.

Hocken Collections

Cnr Parry Street and Anzac Avenue, University of Otago, Dunedin.

Ph: 03 479 8871

Hours: Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri 9.30am - 5pm

Tue 9.30am - 9pm (Pictorial Collections closed 5 - 9pm)

Sat 9am - 12pm

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artandmylife said...

Saw the exhibition yesterday. As a newcomer to Dunedin I hadn't seen many of these paintings before - just lovely!!

Also great after attending the Hocken lecture earlier in the week