Friday, June 12, 2009

Some New Books

The separation of life from work has been so successful that my blogging has suffered.

Not that blogging substituted for lifestyle, necessarily (I do have to consider the possibility that it did, though!), but my heavenly new lifestyle still involves no TV, no internet, no phone; so blogging has to steal time from urban office hours, and that is hard to justify when your to-do list runs to 13 pages, as mine does...

I have been too busy having this marvellous new lifestyle - reading things I'm not paid to read, swanning around looking at wading birds, learning to cook again, moving pieces of furniture to and fro, sussing out the new library and corner store...

I never even did a report on the Auckland Writers Festival even though it was excellent and I took notes. (I had a bit of a road block in not making up my mind whether the blog report belonged on my work blog or the Tabby's blog...)

Anyways Vanda did a good report and linked to other good reports.

There was plenty wonderful about that festival, and maybe I'll find some time to jot down some thoughts and impressions.

Meanwhile as a placeholder, here is a pic of one of the piles of books I brought back from the festival.

Among the highlights? I had the pleasure to see two of my literary heroes in person: Martin Edmond and David Malouf.

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