Friday, June 26, 2009

The silver sliver

The cliche fingernail moon stabbed its bright dent into the blue flesh of the sky, in two of the books I was reading on the same day.
Then it was really there in the sky as I took an evening walk last night. And my heart leapt up.


Mary McCallum said...

lovely pic - yes it was the sort of moon you could sit on and go fishing for stars - a solid rind of a moon - a moon from a book

The Paradoxical Cat said...

Nicely said Mary! And a reminder that - weather permitting - it's the same moon we all see no matter where we are.

I remember the first time I knew that as an emotional truth, when i was separated by half a planet from someone I missed deeply, and I was able to feel comforted and connected by the fact that the same moon shone in our night skies.

The Paradoxical Cat said...
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