Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Time and Tide

Here it is, the lounge room from heaven. The rocking chair at last has a really worthy spot to rest, a place of all-weather contemplation of the moody seashore.

There has at last for me, been a successful separation of Life from Work. (Or as much as is possible, anyway.) I live at the bay, and I work in the city. I have a lifestyle once more.

I've been getting used to living on an estuary again, and settling in to the rhythms of natural life. So far I have not connected a landline, there is no TV, no satellite dish, and no internet. There is not even a clock! The longer I delay connecting up to all these, the more I treasure the time away from the hustling and hassling world.

The first thing I wonder when I wake in the morning, is not "What is the time?"; it is "What is the tide?" - and I only have to lift my head to look to see whether the bay is full of water, looking for all the world like a lake - or if it's supermarket shopping time for the bustling bird life that waits, crossing their elegant stilt legs and tapping their toes, for the water to drain away and let them at their dinner.

When I first lived there, I was completely disconnected from the ocean pulse and had no idea what to expect when I first looked out at the day - so it was always a glorious lottery, and whatever I saw was a surprise. It's always beautiful, and it's always different.

But I'm beginning to breathe with the tide and know where I am in relation to it, and now my guesses are getting quite good. Ah, I think, it will be just after the turn now, not much more time for the spoonbills to rake through their side plate before the incoming water breaches the sandbars and inundates the temporary shallow dam that they and the herons find so alluring.

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Vanda Symon said...

What a blissful idea, to be disconnected from the world. Enjoy it!