Thursday, May 21, 2009

There's Snow Place Like Home

After a week of travelling on business, it's great to be 'home' - even to be greeted by a heavy dump of snow and freezing temperatures!

Here's the local mountain starting to thaw in the midday sun.


artandmylife said...

Have heard great things on the net about the AKL 'business'!! Congrats.

yes - the weather has been...cold. I am not acclimatising

Claire Beynon said...

Hi PC - good to know you're safely home. Is this thrilling weather or what? Egypt seems to be a theme at the mo. (I just referred to it in my latest blog - my two sons are on there way there soon... ) It sounds as though your session at the Auck. Fest. was a winner. Congrats. Keep warm over there on the other side of the hill! L. C

The Paradoxical Cat said...

Hello to you both, fellow residents of the icy city!

Claire of Antarctica you must be feeling right at home? Have you broken out your Antarctic gear or doesn't this kind of weather even rate?

I don't even try to acclimatise, aaml - I alternate between hibernation and regular escape!

Thanks, the Auckland event was just magical... We hope to do a repeat performance in Dunedin before the end of the year.

P x