Friday, May 8, 2009

Social Butterflies

Who are these three magnificent women - novelists all - who recently stepped out of their blogs and away from their manuscripts and proof-reading, to meet up for a bloggers lunch?

Why it's the lovely authors of THE SOUND OF BUTTERFLIES, OVERKILL and BANQUO'S SON.

There was shop talk as well as merriment. And I was delighted to notice that Madame Butterfly herself had a butterfly stamp on her hand. During her visit to Dunedin Rachael managed to take in a visit to the Butterfly Garden at the Otago Museum.

And so back to work for all of us - and blogging - and wondering whether blogging is work or not!

But it's an honour to have taken some time out to be in such fine company.


Mary McCallum said...

I am so envious - I;d have loved to have been there. Lucky you! I haven't been keeping up wiht the blogs lately and I've missed all your lovely posts on your developing bird obsession...!

The Paradoxical Cat said...

Vanda and Rachael also made it to the Auckland festival which was a great success, sorry you missed it...

But I guess this makes up for us hearing about the constant stream of literary events you get to in Wellywood, you lucky thing!

P x