Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Students can eat their lunch in the Stadium

Dougal Stevenson compered a Dunedin debate on the subject of the proposed Dunedin Stadium. TV coverage of the event features on the web site of Channel 9 TV.

Prominent local personalities spoke out against the project, and put forward all the many compelling reasons for the growing public opposition to the ill-fated plan.

I was out of the country at the time so unfortunately couldn't be at that important meeting so it's great to be able to listen to the arguments online.
Here's one:

"It would be like chartering a 747 to go grocery shopping"


Claire Beynon said...

Hello PC - just dropping in to say 'Hello' and 'Where are you?' Hope all is well with you and that whatever you're up to, you're roaring and happy. L, C.

The Paradoxical Cat said...

Hey Claire, thanks for dropping by!

I am moving to the seaside is all - hope you can come visit soon :-)