Tuesday, March 3, 2009


When the Magnificent pussycat this blog is named for, died last Friday night, well into her twentieth year of a rich and worthwhile life, I was presented with a quandary.

After all the old cat had her own blog, but should I let her death be known? Or just proceed business as usual? Regular readers here know that my personal life has already been a slaughter in the past year or so, with the loss of both my parents, and other friends too. Did I want to add the news of the latest grief?

But it didn't take long before I realised the Tabby deserved her memorial tribute. Obviously she was pretty old when I first started this blog last June. Her health was excellent considering her advanced age, but clearly she wasn't going to live forever. So the reference to the Schroedinger's Cat thought experiment (in which the cat is 50% alive and 50% dead) was a deliberate allusion to the fact that the eponymous Tabby was in a similar position of uncertain status.

I've been touched by the caring condolences, on and off line, and impressed by the number of stories I have heard, of other much-loved old cats never forgotten by their humans, even years later. It seems cats are people too. Little people in furry zip-up cat suits. Or is it that the cat lovers are just big cats? In any case here is a species that is companion to ours and the bond is more than just a utilitarian one.

So the actual Tabby has entered the Schroedinger thought experiment and we can no longer check inside the Box, but her memory and her name remain.

The Tabby is dead. Long live the Tabby!


Claire Beynon said...

Life = paradox...
I'm away and largely off-line for now, but have been thinking of you and your absent-yet-still-very-present tabby, PC. My love to you, C X

The Paradoxical Cat said...

Thank you Claire, means a lot.

Hope your journeys are going well.

Hugs xx

Joce said...

Very sorry to hear about your cat.


terence said...

oh - late to this.

Really, really sorry to hear of the Tabby's passing.

Our cat was killed by dogs a couple of years ago and I'm ever surprised at how large, and long lasting, a cat-sized hole can be in your life.

sorry again.


The Paradoxical Cat said...

Thanks Jocelind. x

And thank you Terence, cat lovers do understand that cats are people too. :-) What an awful fate your cat met, that must have been so traumatic! At least our majestic old Tabby had lived to be about 100 years old in human terms.