Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's all about me-me

I've just been into my Facebook profile for the first time in ages. I'm just not that into Facebook, so please, if I seem to ignore you, don't be offended. You can always find me here at Schroedinger's Tabby or on the 'work' blog. Or on the end of a telephone or email or, shock horror, in real life!

I heard today that blogging is "so last year" which impressed me really, I hadn't realised I was that up to date.

Anyway while in Facebook I saw that the gorgeous blogster extraordinaire Angela Meyer of mega-lit blog Literary Minded (so grateful to her for introducing me to Nam Le) had tagged me for the notorious 25 random things meme. Even if you routinely respond to memes you gotta admit they're a little narcissistic, so I suggest the correct pronunciation should be "Me! Me!"

Now I'm a bit conflicted about memes. I generally don't indulge. They're often too coercive. And they're especially too much like the evil chain letter in insisting that you have to go forth and multiply them amongst your contacts (ie "tag another 25 people").

Gosh, I'm a spiky little pudding aren't I? Maybe that can be the FIRST random thing about me...

Because yes, of course, I am going to do the 25 random things meme. So those of you who rail against the phenomenon, don't be a hypocrite now. Stop reading, because random self-divulging is about to happen. The prose version of confessional poetry, and you know you hate that too!

And if you are snide about these things, and smug about never doing them, then I don't think morbid curiosity should entitle you to read mine. Shoo! Go away!

There's a good, networky, community-building, human-sharing aspect to memes too.

Right. So I discovered Angela had tagged me for the 25 random things. I was lucky enough to meet Angela in Melbourne last year. Her own 25 random things were fascinating and special, and I feel I know her better. And because I think she tagged people she genuinely wanted to know better, I feel privileged she chose me and anyway it seems like fun to think up 25 random things in the middle of the night. And I might learn something, based on what I want to share and what I don't.

(1) I'm a spiky little pudding, but I mean well.
(2) My heart was once stopped for more than 3 minutes.
(3) I have touched a Moon rock (at the Washington DC Air and Space Museum).
(4) I love trains especially steam trains.
(5) My photo is featured on giant advertising billboards in the Seoul subway system promoting the university I used to teach at. 9 million people ride the Seoul subway every day so that's probably as 'famous' as I'll ever get.
(6) My first child was born on my birthday. It's a special joy to share a family birthday.
(7) I will refuse to even taste a food if I do not like its name.
(8) I never learnt my 8 times table.
(9) I have twice been asleep at home in my own bed and the house has caught fire.
(10) I have twice been evacuated from a hotel because it was really on fire. (Not to mention the false alarms.)
(11) I have twice been evacuated because of dangerous toxic chemical leaks.
(12) I have twice been close enough to serious gas explosions to feel the blast.
(13) I was abducted once by two men in a car and driven down a lonely bush road. I escaped unharmed except I sprained my ankle running through the bush away from them.
(14) I do tend to assume that if anything can go wrong it will, and it often does, so I like to be ready. I carry emergency items and am often called upon to use them. I can't count the number of times I have called 111 for genuine emergencies involving total strangers (not to mention my own emergencies!)
(15) I was religious for about ten years. I became a contemplative prayer adept. I went up the mountain, and then I came down again and back into the market place. And then it all vanished and I know less than before it all happened. It was good at the time though.
(16) I'm a pacifist but I love military aircraft.
(17) I first met the man I married, on a train.
(18) In 40 years I have received ten marriage proposals (that I can remember).
(19) I have only been married once and even that one was annulled by the Roman Catholic Church.
(20) I have never been motivated by money. I need to believe in what I do.
(21) From childhood onwards I corresponded with pen pals. So even before the Internet I enjoyed interacting with and meeting people based on having an intellectual connection first.
(22) I had a strong card-carrying Labour upbringing according to "working class rules" and I identify as left wing to the core of me. It's not just an opinion; my thirst for justice governs my everyday life and relationships.
(23) I also inherited my father's genes for ingrown toenails.
(24) My IQ has been officially tested twice and both times I registered as a genius. Unfortunately I don't believe that a high score is anything more than an indication that one is very good at IQ tests.
(25) I'm not going to say any of the really interesting things about me. I may not exactly be a genius, but I'm not an idiot either.

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LiteraryMinded said...

Hi Pamela, thanks so much for sharing your 'me, me!' things on the blog :-) That was the first meme I undertook on FB and yes, it is all a tad confessional, but I must have been in the right mood for it. I'm glad you felt you got to know me a little better. And yes, I tagged people I genuinely was interested in knowing more about. So it's been a pleasure reading this. Looks like you're a handy person to have around in an emergency! You've also been through some scary things (eg. marriage - kidding). The food thing is interesting. Angela xo