Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Fresh: fresh fish, as with the delicious tasting plate above (somewhat in disarray as the tasting had already started!).

Fresh: fruit... because we were holidaying in the eternal summer of Australia's Queensland coast. Ah.

Beachside cafes under leafy trees, yards away from a quietly lapping ocean or a thundering surf beach. or a peaceful lagoon... the temperature in the high 20s and a refreshing breeze. Heaven.

A long distance train ride, a touch of Brisbane city life, a 'tiki tour' through the tourist beach areas of the Sunshine Coast.

And a shiny new (re-elected) State Labour Government there. Even if they spell it "Labor".

Fresh: the icy chill in the air on arrival back in Dunedin New Zealand, 11.5 degrees C in the middle of the day.

But the wintry political climate in Kiwiland isn't just fresh, it's chilling.

NZ's right wing John Key is still fooling himself and (apparently) many others into thinking he has anything in common with Obama...

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Vanda Symon said...

Good to have you back, I see the fishing was good.