Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Always Greener

Deep in the heart of my Australian holiday, I was having a leisurely late breakfast at a beach cafe at Hervey Bay (they pronounce it "Harvey"), a calm spot in the shelter of Fraser Island. I was staying in a peaceful luxury apartment on the Esplanade (thankyou wotif.com).

It was warm and sunny with a pleasant breeze and a tiny swell breaking on the sand, making that lovely pouncing sound of small but insistent waves dumping on a "family" beach at high tide.

I'd gathered up a set of those substantial Australian weekend papers and was working my way through them whilst nibbling on the authentic local tucker I found on offer - vegemite sandwiches and raisin toast.

"Travel & Indulgence" said one of the lift-outs. Quite appropriate. I don't even usually read those sections; they are discarded along with the Sport, Property, Cars and Sits Vacant.

But 2009 is the year of taking care of myself better. And among the featured exotic destinations:


The Kapiti Coast was once, and the Otago Peninsula is now, my back yard. And there I was at the doorway to the Great Barrier Reef, reading about my home territories as amazing places to go & see.


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