Thursday, February 12, 2009

"You will be assimilated..."

As with almost any bright idea, somebody has thought of it already and so I'll nick their photo and acknowledge their superior intelligence. Lolcat rulz.


one billion daleks said...

ooo-er, that poll of yours kind of lit up my dalek's LEDs! ;)

Mind you, Daleks with a capital D are quite distinct from daleks y'know! (see OBD101)

Being atomised entities, a dalek would announce "YOU WILL BE IN-DIVID-U-ATED" ... thus the potential for mass conflict (war) is absent in an Atomised social system.

But in respect to your poll, Daleks with a big D are by far the more credible lifeform. From what little I know about the Borg, they are so genetically messed up they would amount to little more than a homogenous blob, it seems they can be any old thing their creators want them to be, which is all very expedient - but cheating - the Borg are conceptually way beyond credibility.

So as you can see, at the moment none of the options would quite fit for a dalek!

The Paradoxical Cat said...

Sounds like you tend towards (1) that the Daleks would triumph in their mad urge for exterminating all opposition.

Or (4) the question is irrelevant ;-)