Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Off to Gore

Gore, Southland. Once home of Creamota Porridge. No thanks to Goodman Fielder for closing the factory.

Gore. Host of the Country Music Gold Guitars awards.

Gore - surrounded by the Hokonui Hills, and yes there is a Hokonui Moonshine Museum.

The public toilets in Gore used to be divided into three: Men, Women, and Boys.

Nearby is the "Gore-Clinton highway", and the Old Mandeville Airfield Aviation Museum.

Gore, and the Mataura River that flows through it, featured in Dunedin writer Vanda Symon's first novel Overkill.

But the reason I'm going to Gore today is to visit the wonderful Eastern Southland Gallery with its John Money Collection and its Ralph Hotere Gallery.

Tonight there is a Peter Peryer event at the Gallery.

I love Peter Peryer's work. He is a NZ photographer deserving of superlatives - as you can see by the shots he generously uploads up on his blog.


Vanda Symon said...

Enjoy your time in the big smoke (-;

V-word was Blesse - bless you.

Tim Jones said...

And I am here to tell you that I once lived in Gore and have used both the Boy's and Men's toilets in my time, but not the Women's.

The Paradoxical Cat said...

Had a lovely time thanks Vanda. Met a fellow resident of blogland IN PERSON. She's just moved to Mosgiel from up north, and we must all get together sometime, women bloggers of Dunedin unite...

Tim, I was tempted to say "You will, you will" about the Women's Toilets, but I don't really think you will (if you haven't already)!

Women are not afraid to use the men's toilets. We requisition the Gents loo whenever the queue for the ladies' is too long. We usually set a guard at the door but occasionally some poor chap gets caught up in the melee.