Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lost and Found Art

For some reason I missed out on hearing about this Dunedin School of Fine Arts project at the time.

I wonder how the cardboard train turned out. I hope they kept it. Before long it may be the only train left.

The rather morose remnants of the poster are stuck to the side of the abandoned old Dunedin Post Office. Great plans were afoot for a luxury hotel renovation on the site but the plans all turned to custard. Much private investment money has been lost. (Smallish investors had been invited to own a share of their own hotel room or suite... I would have thought that proposal in itself might have signalled there was a funding problem! It was kind of like a time share but you didn't get to go anywhere tropical.)

The vast empty building would make a great community arts centre. But the city fathers* are fond of vast empty buildings; why they're ready to start building yet another one - that ill-fated Stadium.

* [The use of the term 'city fathers' is intended as a literal reference to the fact that the wasteful Dunedin Stadium pipe dream seems mostly to be an achievement of a powerful old boys' network greasing each other's rugby balls.]

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