Sunday, February 8, 2009


Apparently the website is an advertisement for the Oxford Dictionary.

It's certainly an amiable distraction for a word-lover. (Thanks to the friend who sent me the link!)

It contains a myriad of words facing extinction, with definitions and an example of each word in use, and a plea not to let these little-known words become extinct.

And seriously though, how could we let a wonderful word like


be lost from the English language? I am happy to FOSTER this word.

In fact given the regime change in New Zealand recently, I think somehow it won't be hard at all for me to find opportunities to refer to the snollygosters of the Right.

"I hereby promise to use this word, in conversation and correspondence, as frequently as possible, to the very best of my ability."

snollygoster = 'a shrewd, unprincipled person, especially a politician'


Mary McCallum said...

Yes! Your post made me smile. Must look up the site myself.

The Paradoxical Cat said...

Hello Mary! Welcome home from your trajectitious wanderings! :-)