Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sunflower Update

This is as good as it got, last year. The small but perfectly formed sunflower I'm pictured sitting next to, was grown in a flowerpot. That's not the ideal way to grow sunflowers. They need more nourishment and more space. Sunflowers grow up to be a generous, optimistic giver, dispensing goodness and glowing with a benign sunny light. But as infants they're hungry and demanding. They need rich soil and lots of room to grow, and they're thirsty for water and for warmth. They soak up the sun they later give back to us so disarmingly.

But although that crop of sunflowers was stunted, it produced mature blooms, and their bright yellow flowers never failed to make me smile.

I've always loved the cheerfulness of a sunflower. Even a bonsai one!

Things are different this year. There are giants on the way.

They're not dwarf sunflowers, they're "skyscraper" sunflowers. And they're planted in the garden rather than in pots. The helianthus annuus have the vast planet Earth to stretch their roots out into. One of them is already as tall as my shoulder, and they are still only half grown.

Their big smily faces are gonna be as big as dinner plates.


one billion daleks said...

Wanted, dead or alive : Schroedinger's cat ;)

Anyway, you seem to have had much better luck with sunflowers than me! Everytime I've tried growing sunflowers in pots they get to about eight inches tall (yes, I'm still stuck on imperial measures), then they go kinda weak at the knees, topple over and head off in a horizontal direction.

They have minds of their own I tell you - minds of their own!

So for me, when it comes to sunflowers, stunted (like wot you get) is good!

Oh, and Greetings from Wellington!

Claire Beynon said...

HI PC, I love your description 'Sunflowers grow up... dispensing goodness and glowing with a benign sunny light. But as infants, they're hungry and demanding.' Just dropping in to let you know I gave you an Inspiration Award last night - 'tis listed on my blog. C u sn, C

The Paradoxical Cat said...

Aaargh! The daleks are here!

Hello one billion daleks, I like your scary blog. Daleks have been making me hide behind the sofa for many many years now. I think one of the most terrifying moments of my life was when in a recent series they said "LEV-IT-ATE". Before that I always thought I was safe on a stairwell.

Your experience with sunflowers reminded me of the lift in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy saying "Wouldn't you rather go sideways?" I had some sunflowers bend at the knee and head off sideways once - I think it's because the sunlight was stronger in the direction they were heading. They need to be under full sun if you want them to head upwards!

Thanks for the inspiration award Claire, I hope you noticed I gave you one too. x

PC :-)

one billion daleks said...

Oh dear, full sun eh - not much chance of that in Wellington!

Anyway, cheers for your kind words about my blog - if I handed out inspiration awards you'd have yet another one heading your way ... your comments about daleks and their stair "issues" prompted tonight's post on my blog.

So Thank Q! for that. :)