Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Beyond Google

Further to my earlier post, here is a photo of an adult lancewood. This one is of a species so rare that rather than chop it down to make room for the environmental education centre (at which we can learn about trees like the lancewood) the decision was made to build around it.

I found this and many other lancewoods of different sizes shapes and ages, in the bush around the Arataki Visitor Centre in the Waitakere Ranges.

Yes, I went out beyond Google, into the real world!

Here's a reminder of how different this quirky plant is when it's a juvenile:

Poster child Horoeka, Plant ID walk, Arataki Visitor Centre, Waitakere,
25 January 2009

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one billion daleks said...

Well, they're certainly *ahem* blinkin' better photos than anything my Google rummaging managed to turn up!

Mind you, I see the second image is simply called tree, so Mr.Google would never have found that one anyway! (*sigh* there I go again ... ;) ;) ;)

Oh well, not to worry eh!

My specimens look pretty much like your third photo, so I imagine the adult form would be some way off ...

Anyway, Thank Q! for taking the time to post those pictures - I feel better informed already!