Thursday, August 28, 2008

Palming Off

Twice-baked goat's cheese souffle with roasted beetroot and parsnip

Had lunch today at another of my favourite restaurants - PALMS. As we arrived the waiter was putting a potted palm outside the front door. It looked lush, oily and green (much like the avocado dish I was served later!)

Haha. A palm at Palms. It figures. But it looked suspiciously plastic. Or was it just such a perfect specimen, that it seemed artificial? I've had this problem before. False plants are so clever now. So realistic. I've seen fake potplants before, that have little flaws, that make them seem more realistic.

But is it really more 'real' to have a flaw? Or 'fake' to not have one?

The jury remained out, and the palm did too. Our little group traipsed inside and we were seated in a marvellous spot by the window with a great outlook onto the Queen's Gardens on a beautiful Dunedin day.

Next to us was another palm, and the discussion began again, about whether it was real. "I should think it is real," said one of our party. "It has leaf curl!"

We were pretty sure that a manufacturer would not go as far as imitating a bad case of leaf curl just to pass off a pretend plant as the real thing.

Schroedinger was glad we had a real plant, even if it wasn't perfect. He said "You can tell fake people by their perfection too. Real people have flaws."

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