Saturday, August 2, 2008

More festival films I liked

IN BRUGES: Dark Irish wit, brilliant, totally enjoyable. This movie is in "a post Pulp Fiction genre: the odd couple/hitmen-on-the-lam redemption comedy". Hilarious, and moving.

36 film directors produce a three minute clip about movie-going. Some of my favourite directors in the mix (I especially admire David Cronenberg and Wim Wenders), and not disappointing at all. As the blurb says, "It's hard to imagine a cinephile who won't have a great time with these idiosyncratic cameos, loving some, being dismayed by others, and spotting the ways in which they coincide (count the blind characters, the bag snatchers and the Fellini references for starters) or differ." What a treat it was, a bit of this and a bit of that. Like an excellent buffet meal in a five star hotel.

TIMECRIMES: Spanish time paradox science fiction, not very deep, but competently told, and it certainly exercised my mind afterwards talking with friends about it. I love time paradox... I love the "uhoh" that inevitably comes just when you think you have solved one of the, um, contradictions... It's like that feeling when you were a kid, trying to get your head around the fact the universe was infinite, and wondering what the edge of it looked like. Oops, no, there isn't an edge of it, if it's infinite! Kind of a mental vertigo.

I debriefed Timecrimes afterwards with a couple I know. He was perfectly content and felt that any paradox had been cleared up and sufficiently explained. No problem. Cut and dried. She and I looked at each other, a little more doubtfully. We weren't so sure that everything was sorted by the end of the movie. We would like to have seen more diagrams.


Rachael King said...

Oh i LOVE time travel movies/stories! All those paradox solving. I too like to dissect at the end. The story usually comes out wanting, buit that doesn't stop my enjoyment. I'd love to write a literary time travle novel but unfortunatley Audrey Niffenegger has beaten me to it. And done a bloody good job.

The Paradoxical Cat said...

Hi Rachael! I hope you do tackle a literary time paradox novel at some stage - I'm sure the final word hasn't been said at all - there must be an infinite number of parallel universes and possible plots! It would be a great way to combine a contemporary setting with a historical story too.

Rachael King said...

I've just realised how many typos were in my comment. I must have just got way too excited about the movie. I'm going to see it on Sunday night.

The Paradoxical Cat said...

Hope you enjoy the movie. I look forward to hearing whether you think they resolved all their issues or not!